Monday, May 30, 2011


Welcome to my blog. This blog will begin a new chapter in my style journey and I want to share it with the world. I love style, not just my own but everyone else's. I love that you can tell a story based on your style. Style is life, not just style as it pertains to fashion.

Join me if you will as I uncover great vintage finds, and things and people that inspire me. This blog is dedicated to ALL women, all women who don't fit the mold of what someone else may define as beauty or stylish. For those of us that walk to the beat of our own drum and really don't think much about what the masses say is in or out this season.

To the woman who bucks the notion that you can only wear bright colors in spring. To the woman who can walk into a thrift store with $20 and walk out with a million dollar look. The woman who knows what her style is and is not afraid to show it.

So please come back to my crazy world of fashion, culture and STYLE.